Tutorial 1

I am home much earlier than I had expected to be. In the tutorial information (which we were only able to view this week) we were informed that our tutorial would be 5 hours long. Well, the tutorial started at 10.30 and I am already sitting at home; having been grocery shopping and made sure that my flat is warming up with the heating on before the tutorial was even due to finish. I turns out that sometimes the OU can’t organise a piss up in a brewery, and today was just one of those occasions. The university – when they informed everyone where the tutorial would be – didn’t actually bother to inform the college site who would require rooms and how long they would be required for. As it happens, the college caretaker had to be contacted and asked to give us a room to have the lesson in…he then informed us that he was going to be leaving at 12 (which was later extended to 1.30), which meant that our tutorial was cut short by 2 hours.

The tutorial didn’t last as long as was originally planned but we still managed to get through a lot of material (a lot of it was unfortunately poetry – which I am sure I have mentioned several times I am not keen on at all).

The people in the group (that turned up to the tutorial) are a mixed bunch, but as the contact is (for the most part) online I don’t think that we will get to know too much about each other…in some ways this is a bad thing because the course remains rather isolated (no one in a small group likes to contribute too much, and I felt as though I was talking more than perhaps I should – though it was all relevant). I can’t help wondering, also, if contributions to our tutorial group online are going to be few because at present they are minimal and a lot of the people appear to not want to spend time online in the rooms…

Sometimes I actually miss the harder A300 purely because there was such a wonderful community feel about the rooms in which we had chat when the tutorials themselves weren’t taking place.

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