Time Flies

Not sure if it’s only when you’re having fun…think that being busy also makes time fly – so perhaps the saying should be “Time flies when you have way too much on your calendar”.

A215 starts this weekend, and finally (after a mini disagreement with the OU and frustration with DHL) my books arrived. Luckily (or rather unluckily because it wasn’t the best time), I was away from work with a bug that knocked me for six, when Ms Postie knocked on my front door and handed me the box with the books and cds inside. Of course I felt so drained by the time I got back upstairs to my sick bed that I didn’t do anything more than prop the books up on the bookcase, but today (despite not feeling THAT much better), I will be looking through them to see what is expected of me.

I am terrified now; while all the other courses relied upon my being able to critique the work of others, this course depends upon my being able to accept the critique of others on work that is rather personal.

Next Saturday (4th October) I have 5 hour tutorial in Worthing, and part of me is looking forward to meeting everyone, while another part of me is scared (I am not good with new people as a rule). We’ll soon see.

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