Books and blogs and things

Still no sign of my books. I was hoping that – as they were apparently despatched on Friday – they would arrive in enough time for me to get acquainted with them before the course started proper. Yes, I am well aware that the course doesn’t begin for another 3 weeks, but I am away for most of next week (we are going to Center Parks in Wiltshire for a trio of days filled with sales conference talk and budget discussion YAY!!!) I wanted to have a chance to look at them, and perhaps take one with me to read while trying to get to sleep in an unfamiliar bed.

The weather here at the moment is horrible. I am contemplating designing a clock for my blog that shows the current British weather. It has just four settings, “okay”, “horrible”, “crap”, and “absolute shite”. At present it’s hovering between the last two, and I don’t predict it changing before the end of the year (well actually I do, I expect it to move to hover right over “absolute shite” and stay there). We were promised (rather recently in fact) a late Indian summer, but that has yet to come to light, and as September moves forward ever more swiftly I don’t think it will actually ever arrive.

Today I have made a move towards getting rid of my old life – well, my old online life anyway!

For the last five years I have kept a Livejournal. The journal contained (until the end of last year) every single detail of my life, every little thing that happened, how and why and where. In December last year I became very disinterested in the way things on the site were progressing – first there were mass journal deletions, then the owners sold out and started to change their policies towards the freedom of the written word. Slowly I started to realise that I no longer wished to be part of the community that the site had once been and never would be again. I had slowly moved away from the friends I had made before and during my time on the site and I became disenchanted with the idea of storing my every thought on a page that anyone could access given the right password. I have posted my final post on Livejournal, if it’s not read then it’s not read, but that doesn’t bother me (posting my comment is merely a polite gesture, I feel it only fair to give people a chance to get links to things and pictures that I have made/taken that are in my past posts before they are gone), and come Friday night everything that once was will never be again – except, of course, in some google cached archive somewhere! Strange as it may seem, this clean out is actually starting to feel rather therapeutic…off with the old, on with the new, and may the new offer me five years more.

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