And September brings with it wind and rain

You read it right. The advent of this month (only 4 days old and already desperate for it to be over) has already brought with it gale-force winds and rain. Cycling to the train station (a lovely distance of just under 2 miles) left me dripping like a piece of clothing fresh out of the washing machine and feeling like I needed to be wrung out. My clothes eventually dried, but not before they had been clinging to my skin for a good couple of hours. Well, we live and learn – and one thing I have learned is that waterproof clothing is fanatastic as long as the wind isn’t blowing the rain up the back of the cape 😉

Nothing really has happened over the last few weeks. I went to see my niece perform in an Amateur Dramatics version of Annie which could have been so much better (had any of the actors been able to carry a tune), and I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the flat (okay, 3 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday – it gleamed for a few days but now looks like a bomb hit it again).

Happenings yet to occur:

1. College starts on the 29th September. At present I am unable to even access my OU mailbox as the site seems to resent me existing and has decided to delete me – I am sure this will resolve itself soon (it had better…).

2. My living room needs to be decorated. At present my living room (which is immense) looks as though it was originally decorated by an arguing couple. 2 walls are a burnt orange and the other two are this colour that is referred to as mushroom, but really just closely resembles a dirty light brown. I need to get this done soon as I want to hang curtains to keep in the heat over the winter. I was thinking cream and dark red – the room is big enough to carry it off, that’s for sure.

3. My bathroom is still brown. Yep, whoever previously decorated this place needs to get glasses – after they have been hit around the head a few times for their dire taste. I have been thinking about decorating it since I moved in, but time sort of got away from me, and now -when I have the time – I don’t have the money! I get a tax rebate, and my inheritance is due to come through really soon, so after I have painted the horrid living room, my bathroom will become a pale and calming butter cream.

4. I had intended (but then we know what happens to good intentions don’t we) to do some writing over the four month break (between A300 finishing and A215 starting). Unfortunately it appears as though my muse decided to go on an extended vacation. I keep on opening up the files, but the characters are totally silent. It feels as though I have stepped into a vacuum whenever I think about writing something original.

5. I have an unfinished Harry Potter fanfiction that I started writing for a friend’s birthday. I finished the first part and sent it to her in time for the big day (8th August), but somewhen between the 8th and now I lost the impetus to put fingers to keys and finishing it…I will get around to it – I have promised so I will get it done, but whether it fits the standards set by the first part I honestly have no idea.

6. Getting my cat to go for walks…Oh this has been a joke – though I wish it were actually a joke rather than something which will make people laugh while it is totally true. Mulder has been whinging for the last couple of months that he can’t get outside. I finally gave in and spent money on buying him a leash, spent a week getting him accustomed to wearing the harness around the flat, put him on the leash and walked him around the flat (until he stopped dragging himself along the floor like a storm was crashing overhead) and then yesterday took him outside. You would have thought I was torturing him. He mewled like a stuck pig and cried until I gave in and took him back inside again. Oh well, back to the drawing board LOL.

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