Holidays and Updates

I am so behind it’s scary. For the last 8 weeks I have done nothing at all on the reading front, in fact, just before TMA 03 was submitted I realised that I hadn’t even finished reading the book chapters relating to the work that I was doing, and I still haven’t. While everyone is likely reading up on Brecht I am nowhere near that point, having not even started reading the chapters on Eliot. I just feel as though time is getting away from me and I can’t seem to sum up the energy to do anything about it, I get so far in the determination to catch up and then start thinking about other things and do nothing at all.

On the good front I did actually get TMA03 submitted a day early (could have been 2 days had I submitted it when I actually finished it, but I wanted to give myself 12 hours perspective and submit after rereading with a fresh eye. I should be getting it back really soon.

Back to the worrying matter at hand, my lack of motivation and determination to get things done. I am so tired at the moment that all I really want to do is sleep, in fact I am currently sitting at my desk fighting the desire to close my eyes and doze for an hour or more – unfortunately I won’t even get that luxury at lunch time as I have to go to the shops and buy my nephew a birthday card (his birthday is today though I won’t be giving him a present until Monday).

I know that I have a serious problem, I am so far behind there is the possibility that I will NEVER catch up, but I have to do my best, work through my issues with the course (which strangely are many – starting with the fact that poetry seems to have such a high focus on every single blasted literary course I have done, and is worth 40% of the marks) and get on with it – I have until May to sort myself out…well I don’t really, I have until the next TMA is due in February (4000 words on blasted Eliot and his crappy ditty Prufrock…how exactly I am meant to write 4000 words I will never know, I had enough problems writing 2000 words about 3 poems!).

Christmas was, as usual, a non-event that consisted of my sleeping in and reading every single regency and Scottish romance on my bookshelves (except for Crosstitch, a.k.a. Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, so many people like that book but I have never been able to read more than the first couple of chapters without putting the book down – I have never finished it and doubt I ever will). I am now reading the five Sherbrooke books by Catherine Coulter and then I am done with the regencies for another 2 years (perhaps more). I started with the Scottish books by Garwood and moved on from there. Since Christmas Day I have read:

Julie Garwood:
The Bride
The Wedding
The Secret
The Prize
The Lion’s Lady
Saving Grace

Judith McNaught
Something Wonderful
Almost Heaven
Always and Forever
Kingdom of Dreams
Whitney, My Love
Until You

Joanna Lindsay
Man of My Dreams
Love me Forever
Tender Rogue

Catherine Coulter
The Sherbrooke Bride

Still to be read before I stop reading and find my drive (I have no idea if this will work):
The Hellion Bride
The Rebel Bride (a.k.a. The Rebel Heiress)
The Scottish Bride
The Sherbrooke Twins

Yes, while I was meant to be studying I have managed to cut a swathe through regency and Scottish romance novels, reading 17 books in 10 days…not too bad going if I do say so myself.

Oh well, back to the grindstone (work is another issue I am ‘working through’), though I would far rather be sinking into bed right now than delving into another blasted spreadsheet…wonder if my fruit/yogurt and soup diet could be the cause of my tiredness?

12.01pm ETA: I just got my TMA back – got 56%. 4% lower than my previous two TMAs, but hopefully not a sign of things to come. Being honest though I always think my TMAs are rubbish, I thought that this one met the grade, and ticked all the required boxes …obviously not! Oh well, better start thinking about putting notes together for the big TMA coming up in February – only a month and a bit and twice as much at stake.

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