Bloody Hell!

Can I just state now, for the record, that if I hadn’t had a nice strong drink before I opened up the ‘self-extracting file’ that contained my grade then I may well have keeled over from shock.

As it was I was more than a little bit stunned and did wonder for a few moments if my tutor hadn’t read the wrong TMA and assigned their grade to me. Okay, so it wasn’t an A (did I really expect an A after the shit that I turned in? I seriously don’t think so), but it was a pass, and a relatively decent one at that. I got another 60. Now, I won’t claim that it’s a grade I aspire to, but having submitted this TMA at a time when I am lucky to be able to write anything at all, I am relieved to realise that not everything I typed and checked (only once) was a pile of crap so deep that a giant would drown.

Now on with the next TMA, this one about 3 1930’s poems…wonder what I will choose (oh the choice is so wonderful, as every single 1930’s poet appeared to have such a high opinion of themselves that the concept of writing in clean, crisp English was foreign to them).

I can’t wait until we get to the Du Maurier segment of the course, finally something I want to read/write about!

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