Slowly Getting There…

It’s been six days since I submitted my TMA (as before, only one day late) and I am over halfway caught up with the reading that I missed – though I still have the week of reading at the start of section two already waiting for me to read.

Having said that, I am currently reading the 1930’s poets. Not sure what to think. While I agree with other students on the course that it is easier to get into the poetry/understand it when it is being read, do the poets have to have such dull voices? Auden had a voice that droned on like a drill…and MacNeice, while genius with the poems that he wrote (all most peculiar) seems to have also inherited that du…du…du…rhythm that drones on just a little bit too much to make what he is reading sound anything more than like a chore he has to carry out.

Anyway, back into the fray, only one and a half weeks’ more reading to catch up on before I am where I need to be, and with the weekend looming (YAY) that is hopefully going to be something I can easily achieve.

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