Only a Day Late

My TMA on Katherine Mansfield may be a big stinky pile of dog do, but it’s finished and only one day into the three day extension that I got for myself – I am very happy about that. I was determined, when I asked for an extension that I knew I would need, that I was going to use as little of it as realistically possible. I am already considerably further behind than I really want to be, but having said that, I am impressed with my restraint. I could have carried on working on this TMA for another two days or more, desperate for perfection, instead I reached 11pm tonight (just one day after deadline), wrote only 1860 of the 2000 possible words and decided that enough was enough. I couldn’t force another word out without repeating myself another 200 times. So the essay is submitted, and my fate is with my tutor. She is probably going to give it the horrendous grade it deserves, but I did my best, my mind is all over the place at the moment and I am really truthfully lucky I was able to get my head around anything at all.

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