Why is it, that no matter what I tell myself, and no matter how often I tell myself, I still can’t get motivated enough to get things done ahead of the deadline?

I have been trying since I finished the reading for The Cherry Orchard on Wednesday, to get something/anything done about the essay plan, but nothing’s happening. I have got three days off next week, and I would rather (if I am being honest) not have to spend all three of those days working on the assignment when I have a perfectly good weekend going begging – this one coming up…

I am fully aware that I am one of the worst procrastinators in existence, but there must be something that can motivate me into pulling my finger out and doing something productive, right?

Anyway, it’s Friday today – which means that the working week is almost over, it also means that my boss isn’t in today and as well as trying to motivate myself into doing my homework this evening and coming weekend…I have to motivate myself to work on a project that I have been working on for three weeks (and was under the impression I had finished…but apparently not in as much pathetically minute detail as he would like) – if I am being honest I think he has no idea what to do with me, or what work to give me, so he is just giving me this project in order to save himself from having to figure out what I am meant to do!

Well…must head off into the sunrise (because that is what it is right now), and go to work. This weekend is the weekend for Chekhov and hair dye.

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