I got an email yesterday, and then today I got a letter. It seems that I have now been assigned a tutor – almost a week late, but much better late than never! At least that’s how I figure it.

While I am doing the online version of the course, I am not massively happy that my tutor is the length of the country away – being in Manchester – but as I have already said…it’s a tutor, and that (at the end of the very long day) is all that matters.

Today I received a load of gumfph about North West tutorial help (won’t be rushing home to call them at premium rate – being in the South East means that I would be paying through the nose, only have free local calls!).

Well, knowing when my tutorials are, and how they are all going to work, I feel a bit more settled, though the tutorial week for the first TMA is after I actually hope to have the thing finished and submitted. We have been given an extra week for the benefit of all those people that are in the throes of revision for another course, but I don’t particularly want to use the extra time because I fear that I will only end up falling behind if I have the extra time when (for me at least) it’s completely unnecessary, and probably rather detrimental to the study pattern I am trying to build up.

Anyway, having tutor information, and a sort-of well laid out schedule is making me feel a little bit more productive and definitely far more in control of things than I felt last week at this time.

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