The Week So far


This has really been a week on the go, but it has been brilliant fun, and a really good laugh.

Monday started with my alarm going off at 5.30am (yep, really!)…I had been chatting with Laura (a.k.a. dream_mancer) until her flight boarded at roughly 03.20am, but I had slept much of Sunday and couldn’t sleep anyway.

Headed up to Heathrow on a coach, read a lot, wished the seats on the coach were comfier, and also wished that closing my eyes wasn’t also accompanied by loud talking from a woman and her husband about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that they passed on the road, including every single blasted car!

Got to Heathrow in plenty of time, got myself a drink, checked my email, sent a few emails and then then read for a bit, sure that while Laura’s flight had landed she wouldn’t be out for a while…wow, airport security was quick…within 10mins of the announcement that bags were in the hall she was out and we were on our way to get the coach back.

The coach was crowded, and we were informed that the reason there was a load of football related stuff on the outside (which I hadn’t actually noticed truth be told) was because it was the Official England Football Team coach that they used when touring around Europe! At that point I have to admit that I was tempted to go and scrawl “David Beckham is a prick” in the toilet!

Went for a job interview on Tuesday; which meant I still had to get up early in order to get ready, and get the bus to the job interview in the next town…It seemed to go well, but right now I have NO idea how I actually did because they aren’t sure what they want in a secretary/office administrator and they saw a few really good people (apparently).

What a BRILLIANT day Wednesday turned out to be. Went up to London early (had a bit of a transport disaster early on, but that was soon sorted out) and Laura and I were on our way to London to see Wicked as a matinee performance. Wednesday was also the day (as I am sure you have already seen from my rather jubilant post earlier this week) that I got my exam results and discovered that I really didn’t have to ever look at The Color Purple or feminist poetry ever again! Wicked was amazing, though I am sure that Laura was horrified when she started singing one of the songs from it yesterday that I didn’t recognise it – hey, have a lot on my mind! Unfortunately we did have a few issues on the coach home in the form of a group of 14 children and their VERY pushy guardian…she was the most annoying human and her kids were incredibly noisy all the way home. I admit that I could have happily brained them all.

Yesterday (Thursday) was a day of rest in the world of going out places and running around. Well, sort of…I went and collected Laura from her hotel in Brighton and helped her (by way of TWO buses) to get to my house with all her luggage. After 3 hours on buses yesterday I was quite relieved (as I am positive Laura was) to get to the house, log on to the internet (which she hadn’t had for a few days – Brighton may be a metropolis for many things, but wifi isn’t one of them). At 3.20 I got a phone call from a job that I had totally written down as a lost cause. They wanted to see me before 4.30! Now, I don’t drive, and our bus service is unreliable at the best of times, especially when you have to get somewhere quickly, so I ended up spending precious funds on a taxi down the town to get there before the allotted time. I think the interview went okay, BUT at the same time, they seemed to want something for very little, and they aren’t going to get that with me if I am being honest. The day ended on a high, introduced Laura to Hyperdrive. Some British comedy is wonderful!

Today (Friday) should be subtitled “Why Laura didn’t get Patrick Stewart’s Autograph (but I am not that cruel!!!!). Today we started out a bit later, had a nice long lie in for the first time this week, took things easy and – due to an error of timing on my part – missed the train to Fishbourne, we ended up going to Chichester, where we wandered at a leisurely pace around Chichester Cathedral (the original building was constructed over 1000 years ago, and some of the original frame and design still exists today). Sometimes it is amazing to realise that things in my own back yard are older than anything of architectural construct in the country that many of my online friends come from.

This evening we walked up to Chichester Festival Theatre where we were treated to Patrick Stewart performing as Malvolio in a staging of Twelfth Night. It was wonderful, though I am sure that Laura is still kicking herself, having missed out on an opportunity to get Patrick Stewart’s autograph after the show.

Tomorrow we are going to Arundel Castle (with a picnic of sumptuous foods), to watch jousting, leather crafts etc in the grounds. Sunday we are heading to Salisbury, the place where Stonehenge is located (and I am really looking forward to it). The journey is about 2 to 2.5 hours in length (but the laptop batteries will last that long), and the hotel has wifi access, so I will definitely be posting, and I will be taking lots and lots of photographs.

Well, that’s it for now, I will definitely be posting much much more as the week progresses.

ERIN: Hope that the move goes like clockwork…need anything at all, I will have my mobile on me, and I will be checking my email EVERYDAY…

Oh, and I have sunburn! The weather, which was dreadful until Monday has taken a wonderful turn and it’s sunny, warm and really makes me realise I should use suntan lotion whenever I go out of the house!

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