I passed.

I passed.

I passed.

After nearly 8 weeks of worrying about my exam, and the prospect of having to retake it, I got my results today, and, I passed…

I struggled really hard with some of the coursework, and as some of you will know, had immense problems with a very uncooperative/unhelpful tutor who seemed to be determined to make me feel totally incompetent.

After a day of wondering exactly how I did (though I knew I had a grade 3 pass (which being honest is much better than I expected), I have just checked how I really did, and it turns out that I got a B+ on the poetry component, a D on the drama, and a C+ on the prose. I am so happy that, at random moments throughout the day – to which dream_mancer can attest – I almost squealed about my passing the exam!

Also, Laura (a.k.a. dream_mancer) arrived in the UK safe and sound on Monday morning, and is currently without internet (though that changes tomorrow, at which point I am sure she will be updating with loads of news, about London, Brighton, Wicked and pina coladas on the beach – a lot of which I will be updating about when I have had a bit more sleep myself!!!).

7 thoughts on “OMG…

    1. Well that’s just creepy really…Sounds like a stalker thing – especially if people didn’t realise that I was also

      STARING AT YOU!!!!!


      1. I stared at you first! So there!

        I have internet! Ahhh! Now if I could just get my damn phone back, I’d be really happy.


        *sings* I know, that you know, that I’m not telling the truth.


      2. Oh please don’t tell me that upset you enough that you cried…

        I know that you don’t like Norah Jones, but tears???


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