Wow. Yet another absolutely amazing book on the list for this course. I enjoyed every single intricately written chapter of this book and though it took me a whole week to read it (I did have job interviews and things). I love the way that Rebecca haunted every element of the novel, every thought from Maxim’s unnamed bride centred around the deceased first wife. Rebecca, despite never having a line of her own that wasn’t spoken through someone else, dominated every single page, making her a fascinating and intriguing character.

I felt incredible pity for the new Mrs de Winter who didn’t come into her own until the point when Maxim revealed the truth of his life with his first wife.

I also wanted to hit the somewhat psychopathic Mrs Danvers. She loved Rebecca, but to make sure that the life of the living residents of Manderley was miserable showed that there was something very much wrong with her mental processes.

I finished this book to the schedule that I have set for myself and tomorrow I will start Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

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