Where did I go wrong?

This isn’t the normal “I failed something” or “I didn’t get the job” post.

This post is all about the fact that last week I interviewed for a job that I didn’t want (salary is low, job is incredibly demanding for said low salary, travel is a nightmare). The job would be wonderful if the salary were higher, and the travel weren’t over 2 hours on a bus everyday, but unfortunately it is. Now, here’s where the silliness comes in…I interviewed for the job, the office is sedate so I was a little bubbly (took more than recommended dose of medication that morning). I dressed smartly but I made sure that I wasn’t totally 100% professional and OTT…and they want to see me again!!!

I just don’t get it. I was all the things that most offices don’t want, too chatty, too bubbly, too familiar/friendly, and they want to see me for a second interview. The interview takes place next Friday at midday.

In the meantime, I have an interview this coming Friday (yep, tomorrow) at a local company, they are looking for a general “Do everything” kind of admin/office manager-type. The salary (again) isn’t fantastic, BUT it’s local (so local that I can bike there), in a small village that still has the right to call itself a village, with a green, an ancient church, a small library and the sea. Though I fear I am not going to be what they want, I am going to do my best (the person they are replacing is retiring after working with them for 36 years!), I have been told by the agency not to mention that I want to train to be a teacher because apparently they want someone who will stay long term!

Oh well, will have to see how it all goes I guess. Wish me luck.

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