Well, it’s been almost a month since I finished my essay and started the revision for my exams. Now, I am really really happy to be able to say that the exams are over, and I have a summer without TMAs to look forward to. In two months I will find out whether all the panic and hard work has been worth it.

I have signed up for my next course already, A(ZX)300, which is the online version of 20th Century Literature: Texts and Debates, and the books are due to arrive any day (ordered them last week).

To be honest, right now I am actually looking forward to the arrival of the new books, so that I can start studying for the course starting in September. From the feedback I have managed to obtain from students already doing the course I have gathered that it is very demanding, and will require a lot of dedicated study time. While I am upset that I am still very much unemployed (I am not unemployable…just finding it hard to get a new job), at least I can use the time properly in study for what I hope will be my eventual career.

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