Wish me luck

In a few hours time I will be sitting down in a controlled environment with just a few biros, pencils and brightly coloured highlighters for company. Yep, you guessed it, exam time is upon me. By 1.30pm today I will have finished (with any luck I will not require retakes) this hellish course and will be able to move on to entertaining reading (I have a book in my bag to read on the train back home). No more revision, no more late nights and early mornings and certainly no more insane panic that I can’t remember poets, poetry terms or characters from Frankenstein…

By this afternoon I will be drinking myself into a celebratory stupor and watching Doctors.

4 thoughts on “Wish me luck

      1. I started with the frivolous reading, but couldn’t get into the book I had been waiting weeks (if not months) to read…I have purchased myself some Malibu which I will break open later, but for now will just see if there is any fanfic to read, or perhaps see if I can’t write.


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