Well, I went to a job interview yesterday. I do wish that the description of the job would actually match the actual job. This job that sounded so exciting on paper was described (in the interview) as dull as ditch-water, not at all as busy or fun as it was made out to be, it read like a wonderful, creative, busy, exciting, diverse and demanding role, unfortunately it proved not to be that at all. Put it this way – the permanent job is not that at all, in fact, it is a 3-month contract and the job itself is not at all structured (the people who interviewed me actually sounded unsure of what the job would entail). As someone who thrives in the office on challenging tasks, the idea of sitting there waiting for things to happen is actually repulsive. Oh, and even better, just 20 days holiday (which is low for the UK), and no benefits at all. Though the job is advertised as having a good salary, if it is as quiet as they are thinking it’s going to be I can’t imagine that there is going to be anything like that kind of monetary benefit.

Of course, I haven’t been offered the job yet, and I am actually hoping that I won’t be. Perhaps they didn’t like the fact that I am a student who has plans beyond sitting behind a desk all day! I don’t know…what I do know, however, that I am sitting here right now with my toes (not the broken one) crossed.

On the other hand, the job that I would really like to hear from I haven’t heard a word. I called the agency yesterday afternoon, but they also haven’t heard anything and it’s getting quite unnerving. Apparently only 1 person out of the applicants they were expecting, arrived for their interviews last week, which could well mean that they are postponing making second interview decisions for a while – I wish they would just let me know.

2 thoughts on “Gurgle

  1. The fact that the others didn’t turn up to interview could really, really work in your favour. Unless there is a damn good reason (and I can’t think of many I would accept) if somebody doesn’t turn up to an interview with me I’m not interested in rescheduling. But then we established a long, long time ago that I am not a nice person when I have to deal with the general public.


    1. Apparently the woman who is dealing with the interviews is actually on holiday until Friday – what makes me laugh so much (despite not feeling like laughing too much) is the fact that they did say they wanted someone to start asap…you would have thought that asap meant “We’ve found the right candidate, she/he can do the work, have them in to meet the partners and get negotiating for a mid June start date” rather than “We will see as many people as possible, spread the interviews over three or four weeks and then have another set of secondary interviews and then they can start in July”…right?


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