What to do…?

I have another job interview tomorrow.

This isn’t for the job that I had an interview for in London a few weeks ago (no, despite sitting virtually on top of the phone for the last week I have received no news about a potential second interview for that job). This job that I am interviewing for tomorrow is focused entirely on editing PowerPoint presentations and working on websites etc…it’s something that I admittedly have been interested in for a long time, I love the creative challenge of working on something that people are going to look at and both enjoy seeing (because it looks pretty) but also learn from (because the information is relevant to their needs at the time) – oooh, think I might use that in the interview.

Anyway, I only applied for this job on Thursday night (well, only just Thursday night, it was 11.56pm) and come Friday morning I had an interview with the company set up for 10.30 tomorrow morning (Monday). Not bad going, I just need to sell myself properly. I can’t help wondering what I did wrong at the last interview that meant after over 10 days they still hadn’t got back to me with news of any developments. Oh well…their loss (right?).

I have just painted my nails and I am in the process of wondering what the heck to do with my hair. Since having it cut into a more manageable style the day of my last interview I have discovered that not only is it a pain in the neck, but it’s actually curly (and by curly I mean proper curls – defined spirals that make my head look about twice the size it is already – which is large enough if you ask me).

Still have a broken toe – just thought I would mention that (as it was my stupidity that caused the break in the first place)…

Went to a training course up in Croydon yesterday – a revision day for my exams (which are in 9 days), someone with a rather loud mouth was sitting beside me and the part that I have been having the most difficulty with – the poetry – was almost 100% filled up with this girl’s chatter…I wouldn’t have minded had she done it during the course of the drama (which I actually feel relatively confident about) but she had to do it during the poetry session – which was given by the Professor who had written the course book we were studying from.

My tutor (who I won’t bitch about right now because the wounds of yet another C she awarded me for my final assignment are too raw) was meant to be conducting the final element of the course – that of Prose…well…the session was due to start at 2.15…at 2.30 someone went down to find out if any message had been left. By 2.45 a group of 15 (out of the 25 attending the study day) had left…by 2.55 I had finally had enough and left (if only I had left a few minutes earlier, I would have managed to catch a train home and been sitting down soaking my feet by 4.30). Needless to say not one experience with her, be it by phone, email or in person (because we have never met – yesterday would have been the first time) has gone as it should and I am left feeling wholly disappointed in her. To be totally honest I wasn’t impressed with my tutor of last year either – going on holiday 6 times while teaching a 9 month course is not what I would call someone able to help.

I have, admittedly, signed up for the next course, but I am tempted to change my enrollment to that of a 100% electronic course rather than the tutorial-based one that it is presently. Tutorials are a massive hassle to attend (the travelling to the tutorial itself takes longer than the tutorial) and if everything can be done online (including submission of assignments – which would mean no longer would I have to panic and send things off three days before assessment deadline) then it would be a huge relief and, I feel, a massive improvement. What do you think?

To be honest I have no more news – apart from the stuff above…need to go off and revise (both for the exam and the interview tomorrow).

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