I had a dream

Last night I had a very bizarre dream that was ended rather prematurely by the ringing of my telephone (an interview for a rather creative job YAY). In this dream I was sitting in a pub with a group of very handsome red-headed males, a few female friends and a lot of Christmas cards (yep, you read that right, Christmas cards). We were trying to decide who to pair up with. Of course all the attached men and women couldn’t participate, so we ended up with about 9 cards on the table. I think I was about to be paired with two very nice red-headed men (were they Weasleys? I don’t know…but oooh, threesome with Fred and George!!!) when all of a sudden someone called to me from another booth in the pub (it was all olde worlde with low ceilings and wooden beams). I walked, rather reluctantly over to this booth and sat down, and then started to strangle Justin Timberlake with the long arms of a monkey!

Thoughts? Suggestions? Analysis? Do I need to now start looking at a padded room and a new white jacket?

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