Total Waste of Time

Yesterday I headed over to Hove for an interview with an agency. Last week I applied for a job and they called me almost as soon as I emailed the application, asking me to come over and see them at my convenience to register, but in the meantime they would do what they could.

It turned out that because (due to homework that had to get finished because of deadlines) they hadn’t bothered to put my name forward, waiting instead for me to go and see them before recommending me for anything. By the time I saw them yesterday they had nothing on their books for someone wanting better money, and they didn’t expect to get anything for a while.

To say that I was pissed and struggling hard to hide the fact that I was pissed about the situation is putting it lightly. I had spent so much time to get ready – making myself presentable, mentally preparing for the interview process, and ordering my broken toe not to hurt me as I walked in a pair of smart platform shoes to match the outfit.

Well, next week I have a proper interview, with a large company and I am travelling more than a few miles for it – in fact heading up to London for the day to see the HR bods as they really want to see me.

Now that I am at revision stage for the course I am not unwilling to travel, so I will, and I will make sure I have a nice book or two to read on the 2 hour journey (the interview is the north side of London).

I am terrified of the interview process, but I figure if I make sure I am well-prepared, but not too rehearsed, friendly, but not too friendly, well-presented but not so smart that I am no longer myself, I will be fine. I don’t own a suit, and courtesy of the fact that I have sloped, short shoulders and not an underwhelming amount of weight on my small frame, it would be necessary to have one made rather than buying off the rack. Being unemployed means that I can’t afford that, and more than that I don’t feel comfortable or professional in a suit – more like I am dressed in my mum’s clothes!

Anyway, will update more about work etc after the interview has taken place. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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