It’s out of my hands…

It’s been posted. Yesterday I printed it and put it in the envelope (along with the compulsory submission form that goes with every assignment) and then this morning Granny took it to the postbox when she went to get her newspaper (okay, so they had sold out, but at least it wasn’t a totally wasted journey). I am now sitting here with a pile of books beside me (one side text books, the other smutty books about sexy highlanders from the 1500s!) contemplating how exactly I am going to go about starting the revision that needs to be done. I do know that come Wednesday when I have an interview over in Hove about a job I applied for last week I will also be purchasing a mic and some CDs so that I can record poems onto CD (Erin pointed out that this is how we have always effectively learned song lyrics, and she’s right!).

I have just had a letter about the day school for the revision (talk about cutting it fine…the course is only 9 days before the exam itself), but I am thinking about going. The course will likely come in really handy as I am totally useless when it comes to revision and the taking of exams…and I really need to get a good grade on this exam because of my poor performance where the past TMAs have been concerned!

Oh well, the first day of a new week and I am starting to get a bit nervous about all the things I need to know, but I am determined that I will get there. I have to!

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