Almost done…

I have finished my final TMA for the year – the assignment is printed (in purple and black) and in the envelope – I can’t believe how relieved I am.

I have a month left until my exams and then this course is done – but the revision is going to be hellish and the exam more so – I have to get at least 70% in order to pass because the bitch from hell really was the bitch from hell in refusing to re-grade my assignment, and postponing responding for long enough that by the time I got the refusal back it was too late to appeal with the university – oh I am going to have learned my lesson for the next time, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I am looking forward to this course being over – I have absolutely loathed it – actually more than I disliked the course that I took before this. I just know that whatever I do this is the means to an end. The next course I have signed up for has no exam. Yep – that’s right NO EXAM.

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