Day Five…

Well, the essay isn’t finished yet, but it is over halfway done. Having decided upon the characters I managed to write over 1900 words of planning and observations, which has actually made it much easier to put the final essay together. All I want now is to finish it, proof it and send it to the tutor (the sooner I finish this the sooner I will be able to move on to a new tutor in a new course – I live in hope that the new one will be better than this one has been).

I have written almost 900 words – and while this will mean I require clever editing to write about the characters from The Rover, I will do my best – it will also mean that I will be able to edit and take out a lot of irrelevancies about the Cheapside characters (I was very wordy about them, that’s for sure!).

I feel quite proud of what I have managed to achieve. Granted it has now taken me over the four days that I hoped, but I have admittedly been rather lax in writing, spending much time reading odd bits that are of no relevance but hold an interest for me.

With any luck I will be able to post later on today that I have completely finished the assignment and it is ready to be printed 🙂

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