Day Four…

Well, it’s day four of the essay from hell “Socially Marginal Characters blah blah blah” and I finally have decided upon the characters that I am going to write about, and I have managed to write something about three of the four so far. Granted what I have written is notes and observations thus far, but what I have written totals up to 800 words – which in itself is an achievement.

I have even more motivation now to get the essay written and edited – this morning I received a delivery of nine totally frivolous books. None of them have anything to do with revision or Shakespeare or Aphra Behn, in fact they are totally pointless when it comes to academia, but they may just help me to maintain the few ounces of sanity I have left after nine months of this course (hmm, wonder if that’s nine books for nine months?).

I am going to put my nose to the grindstone today, because I have already told myself the books are a reward that I am not allowed to touch (although I did already to unpack them and put them in the laptop bag at my feet), until I had finished the essay completely (or at least until I had finished the draft that I was going to leave for a day before printing!).

With any luck the next post will say “FOUR DAYS AND FINISHED“, but I am not holding my breath right now…still have chores to fit in, and sitting on this chair for the last three and a bit days has meant that I haven’t done my normal exercise routine (well, normal in that I started it four weeks ago, and until this week had managed to maintain it perfectly!). Once this is finished I have to get back into the routine of exercise again and reading pleasant un-academic books.

On a totally unrelated note…what the hell happened to the weather? It’s horrible!

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