Day Three…

I would like to say “and all is well” but that would be one huge (a whopping great, in fact) lie. I am still struggling hugely with my assignment, but at least now I know which characters to write about from both Henry V and The Rover. With any luck, now that I have that basic decision made, I will be able to get something written and then refined before the end of the weekend (the assignment has to be posted by Tuesday in order to arrive by Thursday).

I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with this particular assignment as I have just enrolled for year 3, a course (luckily) that doesn’t have an end of year exam, just ongoing assessments throughout the 30-odd weeks that the course runs (from end-September 2007 to mid-June 2008)…one more course down will take me one year closer to reaching my goal. This next course is 20th Century Literature, with plays by Berthold Brecht and novels by Virginia Woolf and Phillip K Dick.

One thing I do know is that I have no plans to stay up until 6am this morning (it is already Thursday here after all) like I did on Wednesday. Now that I have everything outlined I will start to put it together tomorrow, analysing the characteristics, comparing them with the characteristics apparent in other characters from Henry V and The Rover.

I know that I am definitely going to be using the voucher for an Indian Head Massage that my sister gave me for my birthday once the nightmare that is the assignment and the revision for the exam is over.

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