The Rover…

I am very tempted to just scream and say “okay, I give up” right about now. It’s nearly 1am and as yet I have 10 words of a 1500 word essay about ‘Socially Marginal’ characters in Henry V and The Rover. Prior to this assignment (well, the course really), I hadn’t heard of Aphra Behn and her plays…and while part of me is wishing I never had, I realise that The Rover isn’t my problem, it’s Henry V and his decidedly obvious lack of ‘Socially Marginal’ characters for me to compare the glut of the characters that appear in Aphra Behn’s work. I keep on hoping that I have misread the question and we are meant to write about Othello…but alas, that is not the case.

In maybe a week I will be relieved. Sure, revision-time will have begun, but at least I won’t have to think about ‘Socially Marginal’ characters again for a while!

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