New Layout

I did a reformat yesterday, got bored with the plain white, and Adrian Brody – no matter how pretty he is and how cute he is with those little puppies – wasn’t looking so inspiring any longer. now I have that gorgeous green – I don’t know what it is about green and rain – probably the fact that things around here are starting to turn yellow because we haven’t had any rain (hmm, maybe that explains the rain obsession too).

Still no luck on the job front, but I am growing ever more hopeful with every job that I apply for, something will come up. Yep, that is the story I am going with – something will come up.

Thank goodness for small mercies though – the bank came through and I don’t have to worry for the time being about paying off my loans as the extortionate insurances I took out have finally kicked in and I will be saved from debtor’s hell.

Nothing new apart from that, so I will leave you to admire the fresh green colours on my lj.

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