No, not in the way it seems…this is to do with unemployment and stupid agencies that seem to not listen or read what is being said!

I applied for another job with a different agency on the same website (which is an easy way to lead to confusion), and this job – as it turns out – is with my old company (the same job I mentioned last week). It took them over a week to get back to me about the application and then it was a case of them phoning my turned off cellphone (the battery died when I was in the bathroom) and didn’t bother to try my landline, or send me an email. Anyway, they called again today while I was signing on (when the phone HAS to be switched off) and as I was going to be going in a few shops where the signal is notoriously crappy I decided not to bother turning it back on. They have put me forward for this job without bothering to ask me if I am interested or not – as it’s with my ex-company be assured I am seriously NOT interested. So instead of calling me they went ahead and sent the company my CV. I am not happy at all. And come Monday when I can do something about it, I will be calling them to tell them that they have made a mistake.

Am I being unreasonable in expecting them to speak to me before putting my name forward for a job that I have already stated I don’t want?

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