Total waste of time

Well that was a waste of time and a half.

I spent over three days working on my last essay and have just had it returned after nearly three weeks to find that all that hard work was wasted. I got another fucking C. And colour me hypercritical about my tutor but her comments were totally shit. “You should have used this.” “You should have referred to that.” Rather than what I did write.

To say that I am upset is probably a huge understatement. I am starting to wonder why I am bothering to do any of this homework at all…it’s starting to seem like a total and utter waste of my time and energy. All the hours I spend doing the homework, reading through the books, making detailed notes, all for absolutely nothing.

I am a poor exam performer, always have been…and when my entire grade relies on my exam performance because my essay grades have been so bad I am up shit creek without a paddle and may as well just quit now.

Am feeling very disappointed, and I am in the process of looking into an appeal regarding my grade.

2 thoughts on “Total waste of time

  1. Huh? That’s insane. I would contact the tutor and ask for either more information on why it was given a C, or ask to have it remarked.

    Do you have the option of having yout tutor look at the essay plan before you start writing? 99% of my tutors at university did that on the quiet. They didn’t advertise it widely as they couldn’t ‘pre mark’ 300 essays to then turn around and repeat it for real a week later.


    1. My last tutor gave me that option, but this one is on the whole unavailable for everything…she is only online for 20mins a day (Weds-Friday) and only available on the one Saturday a month that she does the tutorials.

      I have now emailed her to ask for her justification for why I got the grade I did. If the response is not favourable or doesn’t explain anything then I am going to send it to the centre for re-marking.


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