Well, spring has apparently sprung, although it is hardtell to see that when it is still ice cold and the wind has been unbelievably strong for the last few days.

Things for me haven’t changed too much, am still unemployed and looking (oh that is worse when you are unemployed and looking than when you are employed and on the lookout for a new career). I actually find myself envying people that have to get up in the morning and travel on the bus/train/in the car to the office to do something. Yep, I have sunk to that level of boredom and desperation.

At the moment I am struggling to write my second to last assignment of the college/university year. It is on the subject of feminist plays and I am finding it really difficult. The title of the assignment is ambiguous as hell and there are so many ways in which the essay could be over in about 300 words rather than the 1500 we have to write, but I am trying not too hard to think of them.

Currently my reading bag is filled with the works of Jim Butcher (he of the Dresden Files fame). The books are quite good although I admit I found the first one really difficult to get into – I kept on reading it on the bus and waiting for things (like the dentist).

My aunt arrives from Canada next Thursday, so my nan is in a world of annoyance (at least in that she wants to annoy me to the point where I am tempted to throw her out of the nearest window!), she keeps on trying to tidy stuff and all she succeeds in doing is making more mess – I am currently trying to figure out why she bothers.

Oh well, had better get my rather large nose to the grindstone (this is more in hopes of smoothing it down into a little cute nose like my niece’s rather than any wish to write any more about Top Girls by Caryl Churchill) and get some more work done.

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