Bureaucratic Nitwits

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of spending nearly 3 hours on the phone with people who I would never approach in a pub. I received a letter rejecting my claim for benefits and, furious obviously, I called (as it suggested in the letter) to appeal the decision and find out why it had been made. Well, it seems as though they hadn’t received all the paperwork for my claim.

To explain why I am so angry about it I have to go to the beginning of the story (which takes place last Thursday). Last Thursday morning I received a letter requesting the final pieces of the puzzle for my claim (pay slips and a P45) – of course, my ex work being what they are (super inefficient) hadn’t sent these until the Thursday – and they arrived in the same post delivery as the request to send them to the Job Centre.

Of course, being the conscientious person that I am, I decided that rather than post them to the JC as I was due there the next day, I would take them down there and hand them in personally. So this is what I did. I headed to the office a little bit early for my set appointment, and handed them over at the front desk, where they stamped them as received, took copies of most of it, and the originals of one other bit (leaving me with a part of it only), and then had my appointment (where they made me feel as though I had been a dosser all my life rather than actively trying to seek a job).

When I got the letter yesterday informing me that my claim had been rejected, and I discovered it was because they hadn’t received the paperwork that I had actually hand delivered you can imagine my fury. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to track it down – phoning one department after another until they admitted that it had been posted from one to the other, but the second office had not received it.

Needless to say I am currently extremely unamused. Granted I had to go to the town today anyway, BUT I hadn’t intended to take a detour to the JC for the third week in a row!

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