Two Weeks

I have now been out of work for two weeks, and in that time I feel like I have made little to no progress in finding a new job.

I have done all the searching; I have checked the internet job-seeker sites almost daily, I have read the newspapers that come out three times a week, and I have kept my ear to the ground, but in that two weeks I have only managed to apply for 3 jobs.

To be honest I am rather depressed about the situation. Sure, it’s lovely being off work, but my problem lies with the fact that I am struggling to structure my days. I get up after putting my alarm on snooze for nearly an hour. I have a shower and get dressed after watching a bit of tv. I have read 6 books so far this week (but that is for another post). I haven’t done any homework.

I saw my psychiatrist for the last time this week and he recommended I create a structured schedule, including time to ‘worry’ and time to search for jobs. I have managed to structure that in, but the rest of it – I just don’t find it easy to structure. I guess I need either lessons in structuring, or I need to just create a rough timetable to stick to my wall calendar so that I at least get homework and chores carried out.

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