Oscar Predictability

Well, the Oscars have literally just finished after overrunning by nearly an hour (so far – there are still the credits to go).

Being totally honest I wasn’t surprised by the winners and in a way that disappoints me. In years gone by I was occasionally surprised when someone unexpected won something, but this year it was predictable from the word go (okay, so I was surprised that firm favourite Pan’s Labyrinth didn’t win the Best Foreign Language Film) but that, it has to be said, is it!

Who didn’t think that Helen Mirren was going to win for the Queen? For some reason this has brought back all manner of Royal Patriotism. Forest Whittaker was another predictable win, as was Martin Scorcese and his film, The Departed.

One thing I have to say was, I wish that Sky would leave Oscar fashion commentary and red carpet interviews to the Americans. Fearn Cotton – OMG you total TIT…get off my screen before I have to permanently do the job myself. She was absolutely dreadful. At one point in the red carpet pre-show I was mortified to notice that not only did she shout for the attention of Oscar Winner Jodie Foster, but once she had the actress’ attention she turned away (FC) to talk to the camera, to tell people who she was about to talk to. Now, to me that is a true sign of unprofessionalism. If you don’t know who Jodie Foster is by now then you, as the viewing public really have no interest in watching The Oscars anyway – just go to bed early, rather than staying up until 5am!

My advice for Sky is: “Next year pick a seasoned presenter/interviewer. Don’t go the way of the disastrous Brits, and learn from this year”.

I am not going to comment on any of the fashion, as I know that there are others around who have a far better way of doing it, and I personally absolutely love reading their pith and bile where commentary on fashion on the red carpet is concerned. From later tomorrow (well today really) there will be no end of comment on the outfits worn by people like Anne Hathaway (who, it must be said could have chosen a far more elegant and well-designed dress), and J-Lo who obviously believes less is more where bling is concerned if her dress and accompanying jewels are anything to go by. So I leave you with The Fug Girls

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