Fic and other things that matter

Here is a brief update on the events that have made up my life for the last week.

I am writing again (insert applause here).

Seriously, I have been bringing books, college texts and music into work for the last five weeks, and in all that time only twice have I sat down in front of the relatively inferior machine I have on my desk and thought “Ooh I can write today.” I have so far written two relatively short (under 3000 words) parts to a three part story featuring my new HP couple of the moment, George and Luna. While I love Blaise and Luna, and she needs the naughty, for some reason Blaise has run off somewhere and won’t talk to me anymore (perhaps he is fed up with the moodiness or something) *shrug*.

Hopefully in the next couple of days (less if I have my way), I will be posting a new fic on my recently revamped fic journal, and while I am studying I seem to write better, so it may well be that a few more are in the offing – not least a possible sequel to Erotica (a fic which I am actually rather proud of).

The place is still unbearable. My last day is fast approaching, in fact I have just over a day left and I will no longer be employed. I am going to – for a very brief, and reluctant, time – be signing on for JobSeekersAllowance (which is a paltry sum, but I am entitled, I have paid in for 15 years and never taken any of it back), and only for long enough to enable me to find a job that I can actually afford to live on (long complex story I am not going to go into). I am still all in a dither about what I am going to do, but my anger at the way this entire situation has been handled has manifested in a three page letter which I am sure my employers will throw in the bin when I hand it to them, but at least the bitterness won’t be festering like a canker sore.

It was my birthday on the Saturday just gone, and I aged another year (oh joy), but I did pretty well out of it, I wrote a nice long list so that the presents I got were sort of surprises, and I got the few things that, had I been asked, would have been the things I really wanted. I got a really decent ionic hairdryer from my mum (along with some much-needed anti-ageing exfoliator from Clinique), my brother picked the books I wanted and I will be devouring those over the next few weeks, my sister purchased me a voucher for an Indian Head Massage from the local Massage therapist and my nan managed to get me the Hairbrush I wanted, as well as a desk lamp (now I need to get myself a new desk as the one I have is falling apart) and a book token (so now I have the money put aside for the two Sherrilyn Kenyon and Mary Janice Davidson books that are coming out over the next year). My niece painted a mug for me. When she gave it to me she said “This is for your new job when you get one!” I thought that was so sweet.

Oh, familial developments. My niece is now officially a 2012 Olympic hopeful. On Monday she tried out for the Olympic Gymnastics Training Squad and was accepted. Yes, you read that right, my 6 year old niece is training for the Olympics. I had to giggle when Slythhearted asked if she hadn’t landed in the wrong country and perhaps we were now in China, but no, we are in the UK and my sister’s little girl is going to start training for the Olympics taking place in 5 years – she’s a right little overachiever. It seems that as we have just wasted a fortune winning the right to spend even more of our taxpayers’ money on hosting the blasted things they are now finally looking at ways to improve our chances of winning a medal or two, and recruiting little kids of 5 and 6 to participate in intensive 4hr a week training for the next 5 years is one way they have settled upon.

Reading: I have been very bad with this over the last week or so. I have been reading bits here and there, but the book I am reading at present is a tome that would put Goblet of Fire to shame – at a length of well over 800 pages of tiny print, the next book by the same author (which is waiting to be read) is over 1000 pages in length and the print is just as small (but I am looking forward to it). Once I have read these two mammoth tomes I will be back to reading shorter books (Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys is on my dresser) and I am still more than sure that I will manage the 100 books by the end of the year.

So there it is, the update of my life over the last week. One thing, has anyone heard from dream_mancer recently?

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