Totally F*CKING unimpressed

My company actually stinks…it’s official. They have known for FIVE fricking weeks that I have been sitting at my desk doing absolutely nothing, and now my leaving interview is FRIDAY…FRIDAY? What the fuck are they thinking? Do they believe that I will be sitting at my desk doing nothing for another five bloody days? They are delusional. Totally and utterly delusional. This has proved to me that I am so much better off leaving. But to have to sit here for another 5 days twiddling my thumbs…oh no, not me, no way, no how. I am going home tonight and I will be back Friday morning when they have finally got their act together because this is just ridiculous.

Right now I am absolutely steaming furious. I waited at work on Thursday for a letter that never arrived only to discover that they didn’t send it until Friday, and then because I wasn’t here they put it in the mail…now it’s not arrived in today’s post so I have to wait for tomorrow…and now I find that I am going to be sitting around for another 4 days with nothing at all to do. Do they want people to just walk out the door and not come back?

I am trying very hard not to cry, but it’s proving very difficult, my anger isn’t fading, but the frustration is setting in and I can’t cope with it at all, not on any level, it’s most distressing.

This whole thing has been organised worse than the first birthday party I arranged for myself – granted I was six at the time – but even so…this is worse! Come Friday when I am no longer employed by them I am going to publish their name. Until this point I have been restrained in not mentioning who they are, but that is all going to change…

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