End of an era

Well, almost. Today I have my ‘end of employment’ interview, in which (apparently) they tell us little except that we are definitely redundant, and then send us home for the rest of the day – I am most certainly all for that part (the go-home-today bit).

Anyway…my nan came upstairs with a bright red pen and a little piece of paper this morning, sat on the end of my bed and said “So what else is on your birthday list?” Now, over a month ago she asked me what I would like for my birthday (which is this Saturday) so I told her “I would like a really nice paddle hairbrush”. My hair is rather long and can be rather unmanageable, so a nice new hairbrush is really needed. Anyway, she went into one shop (yep, that’s right, one shop) yesterday and couldn’t find a hairbrush so she now wants other things on the list. I would quite willingly give her the rest of the list, but I have already given it to my mum, and this list took me ages to put together because I am one of these people who tends to buy the things she wants for herself, especially as my birthday is at the beginning of the year and I can’t wait until Christmas if something comes out in June! I am not really a patient person! Her next suggestion made me a little bit mad…”Why don’t you go and buy the hairbrush and I’ll give you the money?” I may as well tell her to forget getting me anything I will get myself the hairbrush and she can just buy me a card…if I am going to get myself a hairbrush then I don’t want it all wrapped up to put on the table for me to open on Saturday! Colour me weird but if I pick something out and buy it with money that comes from my purse so that she can pay me back then I don’t want to have it wrapped up.

Now, my birthday is going to suck ass as it is. Being so close to valentine’s day – the Saturday following – most of my friends (if not all of the ones in relationships) are going on their V-day meals and weekends away…this means that I thought “Fine, will spend it with the kids” (my sister’s 3), but oh no…”Ellie has clubs, Dylan’s ill, and Josh has a lot of homework” so this year, to mark another increase in age, I am going to be at home watching prime time shit on TV (Brokeback Mountain is the premiere, and if I hear that frigging “I can’t quit you” line one more time I am going to throw something through the TV screen…I hate that movie with a passion – sorry to those that love it). Why couldn’t I have been born in April? So as you can see, not happy. My mum said that she will pop in on my birthday, but that’s not really the same is it. A brief visit from my mum (in which she is virtually guaranteed to ask me about the invasive procedure I have currently set for Tuesday and the job situation as I will be out of work from next week) is not what I would refer to as “ideal birthday fun!” Maybe I just have a different definition?

Well, there ends the rant for this week…well, maybe. I am just so full of irritations at the moment, at work, family, home, life…it has to start improving soon, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “End of an era

    1. Nothing wrong in that. Will be great to hear from you whenever you are feeling up to calling. Can’t imagine the first thing you will want to do when you get in is call anyone, probably a drink then bed…jetlag is the worst!


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