Well we are having our final interviews this week, but the feedback is that due to a cock up on their part we are expected to stay another two days. Now normally I wouldn’t mind an extra two days salary and all that, but sitting here twiddling my thumbs, having cleared my desk and handed all my work over, I am wondering quite what the point to it all is.

If they know that the period of consultation is finished with on the 22nd can’t those who have already done their work, finished with all their duties and handed over their entire job roles, just leave and be done with it? Wouldn’t it be easier than that mass exodus on the 22nd at 4pm?

I honestly find it very difficult to get up the enthusiasm of a morning to get up and go into the office knowing that I will be simply doing work that I brought in from home, typing up my thoughts for LJ and wondering why I am sitting here when I could be at home watching awful Daytime tv and surfing the net in the comfort of my bedroom.

After the interview (which will be either tomorrow or Wednesday), I am going to discuss the option of garden leave until the end of the consultative period. There is no rhyme nor reason for me to be sitting at my desk doing nothing. I know that they give us time off to find new work, but there is no new work out there unless you are willing to travel miles and miles for less pay – the job market down here is dreadful at present, and shows few signs of improving.

Yesterday I got the sudden urge to go on a road trip – just need to find someone with a car – it’s at times like this that I really wish I had a driving license (oh, and a car!), so I could just get in and drive! I could go over to France, or up to Scotland, or through Europe to Spain – anywhere but here where it is damp, miserable and plainly depressing. I am going to totally clear my desk of all paper and then I will see how little there truly is left for me here. I have a few drawers filled with junk that needs to simply be chucked, but then that is it. No work, all the stuff that needs to go simply waiting for the boxes it can be thrown in, and the desk won’t even be mine any longer, very sad really.

Oh well, less of the maudlin. I am going to finish packing up my stuff then get on with the remainder of the homework I brought with me (not much at all, only 25 pages to read though).

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