Veronica Mars S3

This isn’t a rant exactly, it’s more a series of comments on how I think the series is going. Please bear in mind this is my opinion, possibly shaded by my feelings on the way certain things throughout the series have been handled, and definitely affected by the fact that I think Veronica herself is becoming little more than an homage to Joss Whedon’s Buffy character.

The first season of this show was exactly what I wanted out of TV. It was witty, inventive, the ensemble cast was well-chosen and worked brilliantly together, the sarcastic character was just sarcastic enough, and the lead character (Veronica) had just enough bite to her to make the show worth turning on for every week. Somewhere around the middle of Season 2 I started to tape but turn off while it was taping because I was finding the episodes literally painful to watch. I continued to switch on in the hopes that the episodes were going to improve, but the one with the carnival and the money going missing, sorry…that was just called in. I loathed every episode that Duncan was in, and having spent the entirety of Season 1 believing that Veronica and Duncan were brother and sister (even knowing that they weren’t by the season finale) made my stomach churn when they were together.

Yay…I thought when come the end of Season 2 all the little horrid loose ends had been tied up. Duncan was away with baby Lily, Veronica was back with Logan (where she should be when she’s not a whiny Season 3/4/5/6 Buffy Summers) and the whole “Keith Mars wants to be Sheriff of Neptune” campaign was well over and done with.

Yay…I thought when I realised that Veronica was going to go away to college clear of all nightmares and knowing that she hadn’t lost her virginity to her rapist not-brother, but in fact to Cassidy (Beaver) Casablancas…

Unfortunately my relief was short-lived. Season 3 hit with a bang…well, I think it was meant to, instead it hit with a whimper. A repeat of a shortly mentioned (1 episode) storyline that repeated for what? 9 episodes? in the third season. The rapes at Hearst College. Was it just me who already knew who had a hand in these strange hate crimes? I guessed almost from the moment he was introduced that the creepy RA was something to do with it.

This season has seen our Veronica manipulate the dean of a university where she has been a student for not even a full semester into giving a criminal ex-associate (Weevil) a job, split up with her boyfriend twice and solve a case or two that surely the police should have been more involved with. No longer is this the show that it once was. She is running around the college campus destroying dem….no, sorry, solving cases (got it confused for a moment there with Season 4 of Buffy!). It’s amazing that she actually has time to do any homework!

Where’s Mac, Wallace et al? They’re in the credits yet their appearances are almost blink and you’ll miss them! The stories are now so full of open endings that will never get closed, and was I the only one who had to watch last week’s Hooker episode with more than a pinch of salt and a 24 hour break in the middle?

If it doesn’t pick up soon I may just find myself forgetting that this show shares the Tuesday airwaves with Boston Legal! You hear that? I might stop watching…okay so my ratings/opinion don’t count so much as the American viewer, but I am a viewer all the same, and surely that counts for something!?

2 thoughts on “Veronica Mars S3

  1. I, too, have been very disappointed in this season. Logan does not seem like my Logan. I have and appauling crush on Dick now though. I need to see more Mac and Wallace. Even more Lamb would be refreshing.


    1. Dick has certainly gained some appeal, he has the wit that Logan had in Season 1 (before he became so totally whipped by the bitch that Veronica has become). When this week he said “So you’re coming to me next?” I found myself going “Maybe if she gets some Dick she’ll turn into a human being. They are almost making her a Mary-Sue.


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