It’s all over but the encore

Yesterday marked the day when I had my handover meetings. These meetings involved a considerable amount of preparation, not only in photocopying lots of papers, but in putting together handover guidelines for three different (and rather large) jobs which consisted of many varied little tasks, packing away boxes and boxes of hardcopy files (yes we still use them, after all the medium in which we produce the journal is still paper), putting together lists of project codes, updating status reports, making sure all contact details were up to date…and the list is endless. The bad thing that I feel came out of all these meetings is that the people who are taking over my role (and believe it or not there are two of them) just don’t understand everything that goes into the job. I know that I have moaned about it, about how much I hate it, and how much I wish I didn’t have to go into the office, or go to work, or anything, but now that I am leaving (through the will of other people rather than myself), I find myself depressed at the prospect of no longer working on the journals that I have become rather attached to. Yep, I didn’t realise I had become that attached to them either…I have this image of them falling apart in about a month and crying for me to take the role over! HA!

One really strange thing that happened during the meeting was a humungous occurrence of déjà vu. I was reading through one of the handover guideline documents and came across a sentence, and as I looked at it all I could see was an image in my mind of my fingers moving under the words 10 First Proofs.doc and the sound of my own voice in the room. The image was so clear but I knew I hadn’t done it before – wonder what it meant. It was like I was revisiting a bizarre dream of some sort.

Now that is all done I am sitting here staring at a relatively empty desk and wondering why I actually even need to be here when I could be at home sitting in comfort to continue the homework that I have been working on while at work. Oh, forgot to mention that I was so stupidly distracted that I only went and read the wrong blasted chapters for this week which means while I have read next week’s bits I still have this week’s to do. What a tit! Still I have three days to get it done (well, not really because if I have already done next week’s…whatever! It’s all too bloody convoluted for me to go into right now, and if I am starting not to care then I am sure you lot feel the same.

Writing…oh, I am becoming so lazy where the writing is concerned. I started a story last week (or perhaps it was the week before), a George and Luna fic. I managed to write the first part, and over half of the second and then things turned to crap and I put it to the side. I keep on opening the file and then I get distracted by a movie, or a conversation, or making dinner, or doing homework, or I fall asleep, and nothing happens with it. I keep on promising myself (and Aimee who I promised the fic to) that I will get it written soon…and I really will, I just need to get my mojo – and the lazy f*ck who is my perpetually holidaying muse – back into action.

Anyway, nothing else to add. Have been reading a bit this week, finished a book I started on Sunday, yesterday finished a book I started on Monday, and today continued on with a book I started yesterday. Perhaps one good thing to come out of being made redundant will be the increasing amount of time I will have to read books that have nothing at all to do with college!

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