Sims 2 Legacy

Well, got bored and decided to have another relaxing evening of Sims 2 (perhaps should have studied more, but spent the whole of Saturday and much of Sunday with the books and wanted a break).

Sims 2 Legacy

Well it has definitely been an eventful time for my Legacy Sims. The decision as to who would continue the Legacy name was taken away from me when Eve and Kyle Legacy aged and, through incontinence and a permanent need for long naps, lost the custody of their four daughters (Aurora, America, Alicia and Angelina). They were, neither of them, forcing their children to study, and attend school, nor were they preparing regular meals or changing the nappies of their two youngest who were barely out of the crib. As Ollie was already a teenager (who was failing school abysmally despite being a Knowledge Sim) he was left in the custody of his neglectful parents and has, since that time, been working very hard to prove himself.

Developments in Ollie’s life, although he is a poor student, have been wonderful, he met Luna Eden and has been going steady with her since shortly after their first kiss. Luna is also a Knowledge Sim, but she has achieved great things, excelling at creative and mechanical subjects alike, a straight A+ private school student who is now off to college with a healthy scholarship and a wonderfully strong work ethic.

Ollie is keen to follow in his girl’s footsteps and is working hard to get that A+ he needs to make sure that he can afford college – something his girlfriend can do easily due to her parents both waiting for the deaths of their own wealthy parents (in a freak fire), which left them with enough money to live comfortably – Luna is one of 4 children, and the only girl. She has twin younger brothers, Marco and Christopher, and her mother has just given birth to a third boy, Joseph.

Needless to say, Ollie is now working hard, building up his body and life skill points and doing his utmost to become the A+ student his girlfriend will be proud to associate with once they both attend university.

Hopefully there will be more soon…they need to get on with the next generation.

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