I felt I should…

…put something in my journal that wasn’t whining about how crap this new year has started out (redundancy, grandmother’s emphysema and cancer…) so I took this meme from rondastarr

1. I’ve come to realize that my last kiss…My cousin’s 2 yr old son on Saturday
2. I am listening to…My Stepmother is an Alien on the SciFi channel
4. I love…reading anything not college related
5. My friends…patient people
6. My first real kiss…was when I was 11 and I juggled 3 boys
7. I hate…being lied to when it’s not for my own good
8. Love…something I get from my cat
9. Marriage is…not for me
10. Somewhere, someone is thinking…yay, celebrate tomorrow is Monday and I have to go to work
11. I’ll always…want something more
12. I have a secret crush…on no one…not something I do anymore
13. The last time I cried was because…I realised I really am going to be out of work in February
14. My cell phone…is noisy
15. When I wake up in the morning…resent the sound of the alarm and wish it were a few hours earlier
16. Before I go to bed I…try and think of a legitimate reason why I shouldn’t get up in the morning
17. Right now I am thinking about…job training
18. Babies are…not for me
19. I get on Myspace…Infrequently
20. Today I..have avoided homework, baked cheese scones, watched Roman Holiday, read a book, watched The Producers, had 2 cups of tea, played Sims2 for 3 hours, and had a nap
21. Tonight I will…see above, it’s already Monday morning
22. Tomorrow I will be…potentially going to work, looking for a new job, researching retraining and legal secretary courses, going out for a meal with the girls already made redundant from the office
23. I really want…to find that perfect job and get a decent grade on my uni course
24. I tag these six people…I refuse to tag anyone

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