Another day…

…Another wonderfully eventful day in the office! I have a training course today, although I am not quite sure of the purpose, apart from the fact that they couldn’t find anyone else who would benefit from a day upgrading HTML skills.

We now officially know that there are no jobs for us here, and although my mum is now “very disappointed” in me and thinks that not only should I get as many jobs as is necessary for me to support myself, but also she believes that I should drop out of college because it takes up time that could otherwise be used working in a job that pays minimum wage. I felt like absolute rubbish after she had gone, and was more than relieved that she had left me with at least a modicum of my sanity. I want to know why she is disappointed though, it’s not as though I have any control at all over what happens with my job if they are closing my department – right?

As of February 20th I will no longer have a job, and for the weeks up to 31st March I am unable to actually work unless I want to give our ‘deserving’ government even more of my hard-earned cash than I already do.

I worked from home yesterday, well, if working from home consists of having my work email account open and checking to see if anything comes into it (and of course dealing with queries accordingly). At present these queries were few and far between, just 2 queries in a 7 hour period, but I was showing willing and doing whatever was necessary (not much). I feel like there is no point at the moment. I have a minimal amount of work to do and feel little to no inclination to do any of the work that exists (is that really surprising?).

The job market is dismal. I have been looking for a good two weeks, in the papers and online and so far have managed to find absolutely nothing. I know that something will come up mostly because it has to, but at the same time I am growing very depressed about the whole situation. I have never been in this kind of situation before (in fact I haven’t been out of work since I was 19 years old), and coming on top of other things that are happening in my life I am about to crack.

It’s at times like these that you realise what a wonderfully strong support network the internet can provide you with. I have met some really great people over the years, and I wouldn’t be without them. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words, your encouragement and the strength to not just sit in a corner and mumble like Sim who hasn’t had enough fun or social interaction.

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