Sims and Things

After the revelations of last week I was heartily surprised to discover that today is actually meant to be the most depressing day of the year.

Apparently they calculated this using some very complex mathematics and things (don’t ask me I have problems with basic addition and subtraction), and due to it being a time when people are now forgetting about the Christmas season, worrying about money, feeling despondent about their jobs and then adding in the weather factor, the crux of depression falls on today, Monday 22nd January 2007.

If asked I would have said that last Monday easily won out as being the most depressing day of this year so far…but hell who knows, things might change and I could well be hit by a bus or go to the bank and discover that they have cancelled my currently much-needed overdraft…or I could realise that I am never going to be a writer and decide to jump off the nearest bridge. Who knows what this year may bring. Hell, I this time last week I was sure that I would be secure in my job for the two years needed to finish paying off my bank loan. What a difference a few days makes in your life!

This weekend was very dull in that not much happened of any value. I read a lot (as you will see from my previous post), I did a lot of thinking (which you rarely see here in any way or form), and I played a hell of a lot of Sims 2.

Yes I am sad enough that I am going to post about my first ever Legacy family. This weekend I managed to create a single Sim, Eve Legacy, introduce her to a man, Greg Ashley, and together ensure that they produced some children (five in all – Ollie, Aurora, America, Alicia, Angelina, and trained a very successful Dog Actor called Barney). They managed to get married just before Greg aged into dotage and their youngest twins were born. Their son (Ollie) is a teen, while one set of twins (Aurora and America) have just started school, and their youngest set of twins (Angelina and Alicia) are newborns.

Ollie is a bit of a rebel (who seriously needs a new wardrobe), and he has spent much of his school time avoiding homework. America is the hardworking twin, and her sister Aurora likes to goof off. I am currently not sure who will be the one who continues the Legacy, but currently I am leaning towards seeing what Aurora and America turn out like before I make a final decision, if America is hardworking enough it may well be her, and she can get herself a nice career (I am thinking she will be less shallow than her parents – who were both models) while she has a stay at home husband – need to set about making a family that she can marry into (although she will be retaining the family name Legacy because it’s appropriate). Unfortunately for the whole Legacy second generation their parents are total flakes. With any luck they will turn out well despite this – although Ollie already looks as though he is going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a Camera-hogging, mirror-obsessed, attention-junkie model. I meant to do all the photo taking etc of their lives at important stages, but they seemed to go by so fast after play managed to peak at 16 hours on Saturday/Sunday.

Well, that’s it for the sadness that is my Sim-obsessed weekend. Hopefully before I rush to panic-finish my next essay I will get the chance to play again.

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