Books for the week

This week I have devoured books like bars of chocolate. They are ‘re-reads’ but they still count towards my intended 100 books in a year that have nothing to do with college:

1. Sleeping with the Fishes – Mary Janice Davidson
2. Gentle Rogue – Johanna Lindsey
3. The Magic of You – Johanna Lindsey
4. Say You Love Me – Johanna Lindsey
5. Love Only Once – Johanna Lindsey
6. Captive Bride – Johanna Lindsey
7. A Pirate’s Love – Johanna Lindsey
8. Tender is the Storm – Johanna Lindsey
9. Joining – Johanna Lindsey
10. The Present – Johanna Lindsey
11. Tender Rebel – Johanna Lindsey

Yes, they are all romances, but this is what the majority of my back-catalogue is made up of. Several of them are made up of a series (the beloved Malorys, BUT I read them out of order, in the order that I prefer them to be). I will start introducing a few different types of book into it after I have started to recover from the work bombshell announced on Monday.

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