I had some really crappy news today This morning started out okay…well as okay as any monday morning can be, and continued on that way until 9am when my boss got a phonecall and rushed off over to head office for an impromptu meeting.

Fifteen minutes later a colleague got a mysterious call and also headed off saying “Got called into a meeting…be back in a bit”. I was the fourth person to get called over.

Turns out that they are putting about 70 peoples’ jobs on the risk register and then letting over half of them go. The payout isn’t wonderful, but better than nothing, but I have no idea right now whether I will be staying or not.

I know that I whine about the job a hell of a lot, but right now I need a job, I can’t afford not to have one that covers my expenses etc…The thought that before my 33rd birthday (a month Wednesday) I could actually be out of work is enough to make me feel very sick.

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