Merry Christmas

I hope that your day was as good as mine!

I am currently sitting here trying to update all the internet software on my laptop as one of the wonderful gifts I received was a pcmcia card for my laptop – this means that I have spent the entire evening (since getting home from my sister’s house at 9.15) trying to set up the network, it started working properly around 30mins ago!

Among my wonderful stack of presents was the perfume I really fell in love with a few months ago (Inspiration by Lacoste), the DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, a Thermos travel mug, face cream, a gorgeous scarf, a book, some book tokens (yay, spending money), and a pretty shell necklace from my niece, who wrapped it painstakingly, designed and drew me a card, and then spent the entire day following me around because “You are a girl just like me auntie Rachel, you don’t have a yucky boy!” Soon enough, unfortunately, she will start seeing boys as a wonderful thing, but for now I am enjoying her “Boys have cooties” attitude.

Well, it’s 2.55am on Boxing Day and I have yet to do anything but muck around with the laptop, chat on my pc and tidy up a little bit (following the removal of the makeup I put on for the family – they don’t like that I don’t make much of an effort with my appearance unfortunately – and continually go on about it!!!)…

I have a few things left to do this holiday – a fic, an essay about Coleridge, and probably sleep/relaxation before I go back to work…with any luck soon enough I will get the essay done…now I have the net as a wireless network at home I will spend some time downstairs surfing and studying, which won’t necessarily be a bad thing.

And less of my babbling…here’s wishing you all greetings for the season, be it Yule or Christmas.

Oh, and just as an update – we still have no heating…

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