It’s cold…

…in here!

Well, two days before Christmas and the inevitable happens. Normally only one disaster per Christmas season, but this year that just isn’t the way. One chest infection – check…warmth in which to recover – no check!

Yup, this morning we woke up to a house that may as well have no windows! We have no heating. We have a gas fire downstairs that works, but that’s downstairs. The rest of the house has been moved to Siberia!

I am now, after a whole day sitting downstairs in front of the gas fire, after our heating decided to give up the ghost, taking with it all chances of hot water, sitting in my bedroom watching white breath as I breathe in and out!

Of course it had to happen now, when everything is closed and the chances of it being repaired before Christmas (and the new year as it happens) is actually very poor – well, according to the plumber we had to pay nearly £100 for a total of 10mins work the chance is NIL…yep, you read that right, we will have no heating and no hot water until the new year…

Happy Christmas!

Well, that bit at least is very sincere….

Happy christmas to everyone on my flist…

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