Meme and a battle

Cos everyone is doing is I had to – you know, the follower thing…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, carinthea sent to me…

Twelve seviets drumming
Eleven uncfaerys piping
Ten mrspadf00t1s a-leaping
Nine vanityfair00s dancing
Eight fslorenas a-milking
Seven sketchyatbests a-swimming
Six cissasghosts a-laying
Five ro-o-o-ondastarrs
Four potterpuffs
Three darkhunters
Two veronica mars
…and a LiveJournal meme in a pear tree.

Get your own Twelve Days:

I am fighting a battle with a cold, I have been fighting this battle for a week, and right now it’s winning and I have a snotty nose, a sore throat and my chest hurts! I managed to take my nephew to see Peter Pan – that’s two hours of my life (the panto) that I won’t be getting back, but Dylan was adorable and I really enjoyed spending time with him, he actually begged me to take him into the bookshop as we were walking to the bus stop, and he went straight for the Dinosaur books. I was determined that I wasn’t going to let the cold get me until tomorrow or Saturday, but it looks like, having fallen asleep on the bus, it is doing its job better than all the cold remedies currently covering my home desk.

I am now sitting in my room having slept since 4 and sneezing so much that my already sore nose is now that much sorer (yep, likelihood that is not a word is BIG but right now don’t care!)…

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