Oh, I am so annoyed today I could just spit. The day started with me waking up to a sore throat and stuffed up nose, and just got better from there on in.

1) Boss is fricking moron

2) Boss is fricking moron more than once

3) Got essay back

4) Grade is D (lowest I have ever received on an essay in my entire academic career)

5) Essay was marked as received late

6) Postal service is reason why essay was received late – was posted in plenty of time – they decided to deliver it to the ‘Sender’ rather than the person whose name was on the front of the f*cking envelope

7) I am pissed at tutor because none of her comments were in any way construed as constructive or helpful, or anything of that ilk – she could take a few lessons on critique from fanfic readers

8) I am making cheesecake this evening, my nan – despite knowing the recipe (which I wrote out for her again this weekend, despite it being hers) didn’t buy enough of the ingredients (again I add despite the recipe being hers and one we all use frequently). There is not enough time to go to the store and buy more as it needs over night to set

9) Did I mention I got a D?

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