A Massive Achievement

I have somehow managed to more than half the time that it takes me to write a TMA for college. Last month I spent 27 hours writing the 1000 word assignment on Pride and Prejudice (I think that half my problem was due to the fact that it is my ultimate favourite book ever), but after just over 12 hours (including breaks for lunch and dinner), I have finished my 1500 word essay on Frankenstein and I am cautiously optimistic that it is a good essay. I packed up all my notes, the textbooks and the novel and took them downstairs to put them together into something resembling an assignment (apart from an initial interruption from my nan who was determined to clean out some drawers, things went off without a hitch). This assignment is now all sealed in an envelope and labelled up to post to my tutor on Tuesday – gone are the days when British mailing was simple and you could just use a single stamp – now everything has to be weighed.

All this means that I can now enjoy the rest of my three day weekend (including having a lie in) and watch Stormbreaker which arrived last Saturday but I have still yet to break out of the plastic wrap!

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